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December 27th, 2023
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December 1st, 2023
Why All the Trials?
October 25th, 2023
First Things First
August 29th, 2023
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July 26th, 2023
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June 27th, 2023
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May 31st, 2023
Are You an Imitator?
April 28th, 2023
Where Do We Find True Hope?
March 31st, 2023
A New Year's Goal That Brings Lasting Rewards
December 30th, 2022
The Light of Christmas
December 2nd, 2022
Faith, Responsibility, and Government
October 27th, 2022
Have You Discovered CBC?
September 29th, 2022
We Want More
August 31st, 2022
What? Me, a Disciple?
August 3rd, 2022
One Name Under Heaven
May 26th, 2022
Our Disciple-Making Journey
April 28th, 2022
Throwing Away Those Bitter Pills
February 24th, 2022
Where Do I Find Help?
January 26th, 2022
An Attainable Goal
January 5th, 2022
The Focus of Our Thanksgiving
November 26th, 2021
Unending Gratitude
October 28th, 2021
Live Life on Purpose
September 28th, 2021
Crowded Isolation
August 25th, 2021
How Disciple-Making Affects a Church
July 30th, 2021
How Will They Hear Unless Someone Tells Them?
June 30th, 2021
The Hope of the Resurrection
March 26th, 2021
Connecting Counseling to Disciple-Making
February 25th, 2021
Who Do You Trust in Times of Worry and Fear?
January 27th, 2021
A Christmas to Remember
November 27th, 2020
Serving for the Glory of God
October 29th, 2020
Peace in the Midst of Division
September 17th, 2020
The Tongue, a Key To Our Hearts
August 21st, 2020
How Prayer Affects Us
July 23rd, 2020
How Will You Finish Your Story?
July 2nd, 2020
A Challenge for The Church in Challenging Times
May 28th, 2020
For Such a Time as This
April 28th, 2020
Time to Pause
March 18th, 2020
Trust in Trials
February 1st, 2020
Healthy Fruit for the New Year
January 1st, 2020