Peace in the Midst of Division

This election cycle we feel there are high stakes. There is much division. We're very worried about what happens if one candidate or another gets elected or one party or another gets more power. We have 24-hour news media outlets that play worst-case scenarios everyday. Social media and radio are full of opinions and arguments.

In a world where we are looking for hope, is it possible that we continue to look in the wrong places? What is the answer to our world's problems and issues? If you were able to get the right leaders and officials into our government, if we were able to find a cure or vaccine for COVID-19 that would be trustworthy and acceptable to all, if we got just the right policies to address all racial injustice, if our kids could get back to school and have a sense of normalcy, if we all got paid what we think we deserve, if all the right environmental policies would be implemented—then would we be completely content and have no worries? Would we have unity and harmony and peace and healing?

These are important questions because they really point to what or whom we ultimately trust. We are blessed in this country to be able to choose our leaders and those we want to represent us. And yes, there are certain outcomes that this creates. So what about unity and peace and healing? Does it come down to these external factors?
I think we can be pretty sure that arguments, disputes, factions, divisions, anger, depression, addictions, slander, jealousy, greed, abusive actions and speech, murders, neglect, and many more things like this will not end, no matter who is in office.
Jesus makes it clear that it is from within—out of the person's heart—that evil thoughts come and all of the other things named above. (Mark 7:20-23)
Ultimate hope comes from Jesus who is able to change our hearts and transform us into people guided by His Spirit. His Spirit gives us a new heart. When we walk with Him, He gives us His fruit—which is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

It is not that we disengage with the process or our world, but our primary focus will be on the God who created us and gave His Son as a sacrifice for our sins to have a right relationship with Him. The outcome of this will be peace in our hearts and with others.
We will know that this world will not bring the answers to our brokenness. Only God is able to do this. He will give us hope and peace in the midst of it. And greater yet, He brings hope beyond this world to a greater Kingdom.

In the end, it says of Jesus: “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Messiah, and He will reign forever and ever.” (Revelation 11:15) At that time, all sin, tyranny, and pain will be over for those who trust Him. His perfect justice will be established. May you find true hope in Him today.
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Mark Anderson