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How Will You Finish Your Story?
by Mark Anderson on July 2nd, 2020
“Saving Mr. Banks” is a delightful film about the story of Walt Disney trying to work with P.L. Travers, the author of “Mary Poppins” to put her story to film. The two clash in every way. Disney is flamboyant and bold and Travers is demanding and persnickety, seemingly without any humor and extremely difficult. The story reveals that “Mary Poppins” was written more about her father than anything e...  Read More
A Challenge for The Church in Challenging Times
by Mark Anderson on May 28th, 2020
There have been many challenges for the Church in our current situation in the world. Many questions are being asked within the Church as a whole and in our nation. When is it “safe” to get back together as local church bodies? How do we transition? How do we somehow remain connected? How do we care for the hurting or grieving? What risks should we being taking? How should we present ourselves to ...  Read More
For Such a Time as This
by Mark Anderson on April 28th, 2020
In the historical account of Esther recorded in the Bible, King Xerxes, King of Persia, made Esther Queen of his kingdom. She was a Jewess and won favor with the King. She had a very difficult decision to make. A man named Haman, who had a high position in Xerxes’ kingdom, persuaded the King to annihilate the Jewish people in the kingdom because of his hatred for Queen Esther’s Uncle Mordecai and ...  Read More
Time to Pause
by Mark Anderson on March 18th, 2020
In our world today, we have been forced to pause. It has obviously had a big effect on businesses and the like, but we, as Americans, have filled our lives up with busyness. The Church is often no different. In our rapid moving world and schedules, we do not take the time to pause. We do not take the time to prioritize and think about what is most important. We just go about our days on the busy-m...  Read More
Trust in Trials
by Mark Anderson on February 1st, 2020
I shared this story with a men’s group recently but it is worth repeating. It is a true story and one that I saw with my own eyes. An elderly gentleman had a wife with Alzheimer’s disease and when he could no longer take care of her alone, she moved into the nursing home in town. Every day, without fail, the man came in to see his wife. She no longer recognized who he was but nothing ever deterred...  Read More
Healthy Fruit for the New Year
by Mark Anderson on January 1st, 2020
As we look to another year, many will make new year's resolutions. Most of them won’t last very long. We often lack the desire or willpower to sustain our good intentions. It is part of our human nature.Two programs that are well advertised for the New Year are exercise and weight loss programs. Some of these programs are certainly helpful. There can also be some great benefit to these programs si...  Read More